Improving Your Home

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Homeownership Assistance

Home Renovation

Through the Minnesota Small Cities Development Program, our program has established a deferred loan program  throughout our service area. The purpose of this program is to assist moderate-income households by improving the quality of their living environment through the repair and renovation of existing housing. This is not a home remodeling program and HQS rules do apply.

If you qualify, you may receive a deferred loan.

Your total gross annual income must not exceed eligible amounts based upon number of household occupants. Your total gross income includes income from all members of your household who are 18 years of age and older. If the gross annual incomes does not exceed the income limit, you may qualify.

You must also meet these additional requirements:

  • You must own or be purchasing your home through contract for deed.
  •  The building must be a permanent structure (manufactured homes are not eligible unless they are taxed as real property.)
  •  Target area may apply.

Home Energy Performance Audits

The EDA is committed to building capacity with other agencies to increase the availability of housing rehabilitation funding assistance to Cook County residents. These partnerships include the recently established Cook County Local Energy Project (CCLEP).  CCLEP staff will conduct a home energy audit on LMI housing rehab projects before an inspection and scope of work is written).  As a result, housing rehabilitation scopes of work will address the energy audit findings and implement the proposed solutions for each household served.

Contact our service partner:  Cook County Local Energy Program